Keeping My Family Healthy

When I learned that it takes 26 seconds for my body to absorb whatever I put on it, I decided that I wanted it to put as many natural items as I could on me and in me. Now I LOVE the occasional Twinkie and I will eat it, but I love healthy foods too. My father passed away from a brain tumor, my mother had breast cancer, I had a dear friend pass on from esophageal cancer and another dear friend's grandson has some developmental issues. I believe that this comes from the nasty things we put in and on our bodies.

Now I realize we are not going to be able to completely keep unhealthy things off us, and that's ok. But I wanted to create something healthy for my family to use so that I could do my part to help keep them as healthy as I could.

I love my products SO much, that I decided to "share" them with you. I try to price my items accordingly, so that they aren't too much to afford for you to help keep your family healthy too.

Thank You for visiting my site and checking things out!

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